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Steph Curry, now 27, and Ayesha Alexander, 26, first met when they were teenagers at the church their families both attended.

"You should have seen that little boy dash into the ocean.Though, after four disappointing years, he was officially a draft bust.If Curry were a quarterback, there’d probably be a ESPN 30-for-30 on him already. Linebackers are a dime a dozen,” Curry says, “until you find Von Miller.” Since 2000, only three linebackers have been taken in the first four picks of a draft: La Var Arrington, Curry and Miller.But they told the Charlotte Observer that their relationship didn’t start then: It’s funny, our parents used to make jokes about how cute we were together, but we didn’t know,” Stephen says.Ayesha remembers when she found out she and Stephen had both lived in Toronto and loved the same Canadian candy.His office features wrestling championship belts in the corner and a tombstone on top of cabinets reading “R. “The lazy man will not plow because of winter; He will beg during harvest and have nothing.” That’s the kind of quote the current UNC Charlotte defensive line coach lived by as a teen, literally working hard in the figurative cold winters. C., it didn’t get sunny for Curry until 2009, when the Seahawks drafted him fourth overall and signed him to a contract worth up to million.


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