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This article is about the symbols used to write digits in India.

For digit grouping of numbers in India, see Indian numbering system.

For the international version of Indian numerals, see Arabic numerals and Hindu–Arabic numerals.

Indian numerals are the symbols representing numbers in India.

Below is a list of the Indian numerals in their modern Devanagari form, the corresponding Hindu-Arabic (European) equivalents, their Hindi and Sanskrit pronunciation, and translations in some languages.Read More » I am kind, easy-going, reliable, I am a dreamer and some people may say that it is a weak point, but I think that everything starts from a dream.I am loyal and honest, I do not like to argue, it is almost impossible for me to lose temper. Read more My daughter is friendly and easy to interact with She is interested in music- playing musical instruments and singing- arts,animation,movies,travel and dining. Read more A BE and MBA by education and a business consultant by profession, I love travelling and exploring places. Read more I am a smart, intelligent, handsome and most importantly a pretty level headed bloke. and is a simple person looking for a partner to settle down. I enjoy playing music instruments, singing and traveling. Read more Believes in simple, but correct living - caring for people and against violence and gossiping - studious and interested in music - interested in learning - wears contact lens - educationally brilliant... My parents are living in Chennai and have two younger brothers and one younger sister who... Like to approach most aspects of life with an open mind and hate gen...Since Sanskrit is an Indo-European language, the words for numerals closely resemble those of Greek and Latin.


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