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“We started talking about ‘the bar metaphor,’” recalls Cutler-Rubenstein.“Whether you are in the real world or the reel world, it’s the same thing. Sign up for his all-day intensive workshop Writing the Breakout Novel.Among her credits as film producer are “Real Women Have Curves” for HBO (which is currently being developed into a stage musical), “A Certain Desire,” and “Echoes,” which won the Gold Award at the Texas International Film Festival, and “The Choking Game” for Lifetime television, based on the YA novel by Diana López.She considers herself an editorial-focused agent and takes a hands-on approach to developing proposals and manuscripts with her authors for the most appropriate markets.Most screenwriters can attest that creating your main character is much like entering a long-term relationship: it’s a months-long process of confusion, frustration and elation months as you struggle to figure out whether it’s a perfect match or not. Atlas, Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein and Elizabeth Lopez may become essential in your library.Let her be your guide into the geography and psychology of these other realities and learn ways to use them to give your stories internal integrity and unique power.

Then Elizabeth and I morphed the class and taught Dating Frankenstein for The Writer’s Store, which was about romancing your character, even if they seem unlovable.”Adds Lopez: “We wanted a light and easy-going guide—not something tyrannical with a lot of rules.If you’ve ever been told that “you should really write a book” and you’ve decide to give it a try then this class is for you!We will show you what it takes to write and sell a commercially viable memoir in today’s competitive marketplace.Marilyn has long been committed to issues surrounding diversity in Hollywood, and is a founding member of Women in Film’s Luminas Committee, which supports the portrayal of women in non-stereotypical roles in film and television.Laura Bradford established the Bradford Literary Agency in 2001.The serious nonfiction books we love most are of course full of facts, research, and insight.


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