Scrappy and bambi dating Married sex chat

At one point, both had seemingly moved on and even started dating other people, causing quite a few feuds on camera and via social media.PHOTOS: Jessica Dime Gets New Boobs – On Snapchat Things got particularly intense on the show when the “Shimmer” rapper began dating one of Waka Flocka Flame’s friends and Scrappy had his eye on co-stars Betty Idol and Jessica Dime.PHOTOS: Tammy Addresses Husband Waka Flocka’s Mistress!Congrats to both Bambi and Lil Scrappy on their gorgeous new home!Since then, the couple has been caught up in a messy and very public custody battle over their son.Apparently, Future managed to find time between meetings with lawyers and throwing shade at his baby-mama, to party with Scrappy’s girlfriend Bambi.I’ve been beating myself up trying to take care of other people and finally got that dramatic reminder that I need to chill and take care of myself.

The website revealed, “word on the streets is that Scrappy caught Bambi – with FUTURE!!We managed to secure the photo’s caption: These past few days have been so physically and emotionally painful.I wasn’t going to share this because it will be a joke to some but others will get it.Bambi took to Instagram to give us a sneak peek of their new digs.The happy couple seem to be super excited about this chapter of their lives as they show off the massive new living space in this video: You may recall Bam and Scrap going through their fair share of drama during their years-long on-again, off-again relationship.The former As for her relationship with Scrappy, that seems to be the only part of the rumor that may be true.


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