Dating two guys

Lisa Kudrow perhaps fares best in her story line, but even then there are lines in there that feel forced.Joey and Chandler are given very little to do, and Matthew Perry again sadly looks unwell.See more » I can't say that this is one of my favourite episodes of ' Friends' as nothing really happens.All three of the story lines are mildly funny, but don't create that many laugh out loud moments.One of them might go on to choose to exclusively date someone else .

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I was afraid if a guy found out that I was dating someone else, he would drop me.

Dear Thelma, Five years ago, I fell in love with X. You have been together for five years, and yet you still feel that he does not love you. Many would agree that what you are doing is cheating on X.

It was all roses and rainbows until we started fighting. Though I managed to make X jealous, I wasn’t given the attention that I craved for. Just because you feel unloved, it does not mean that X does not love you. It seems unfair of you to expect X to promise that he won’t leave you in the future when you are driven into the arms of another man now. What do you mean when you say you want his attention?

Meanwhile Pete mentions to Monica that he has something important to tell her.

Guru Saj doesn't know exactly what it is, but solves the problem, not with medicine, conventional or otherwise.


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