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and dished on a number of things including his previous feuds with rap counterparts.While talking with the veteran hip-hop journalist, Thug issued a threat to Plies and said he'll battle The Game on a song.She also has few female friends, and the ones she does have she tends to screw over.Fast-forward to 1876, and along comes Becky Thatcher seducing Tom Sawyer with -- you guessed it -- her “yellow hair plaited into two long tails.” Though Becky in Mark Twain’s world is less conniving and more a symbol of an unattainable, beautiful girl, it’s the start of a trend.When asked about his spat with Plies, Thug shared a few choice words, saying that he’s likely to “slap the sh*t out” of Plies the next time he sees him.

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You gotta understand, you can’t look at no pictures and look at the media and the critics and what they saying on no internet…I’ll battle with Game. I’ll make a million songs with Game because we never really had a real problem. We never had nothing going on, but he thought we had something going on.

What we do know: The name Becky has become a stand-in for a generic woman, generally white, who is familiar with sexual acts.

It’s a classic picaresque novel in which a character of low class lives on her wits in a corrupt society.

In this case, her wits involve identifying men who stand to gain massive inheritances and convincing them to marry her in secret.


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